Don’t Cry For Me Argentina in Buenos Aires

Before telling you a bit of the story behind this video, I’d like to explain my absence here. Since April 2020, I’ve been mentally recovering from several homophobic attacks that unfortunately I suffered in Amsterdam, where I live. The seriousity of the attacks were so intense that, without saving words, I’ve been almost murdered twice. The main reason of the attacks was for the simple fact that people got “offended” by the fact that I walk holding my fiance’s hand.

This is just unbelievable, especially in a city like Amsterdam (once named as the “gay capital of the world”) that I suffered 9 attacks from April 2020 until June 2021. This whole situation has been so surreal for me, that suddenly we saw ourselves on newspapers and everywhere on Internet – something that we were not proud of at all. I felt ashamed, humiliated.

I have always been joking that if someday I would like to be famous, it would be only in order to call Madonna’s attention and finally meet her – without paying for it: but because I fought for it, with my creativity, determination and uplifting videos – which is something that no one has ever made in the way I have been doing, for THE LAST TEN YEARS.

Next month, I will celebrate 10 years of iwillmeetmadonna campaign and I won’t give up. This campaign has became something really important for me, not just to meet her (well, hope is always there), but especially for being a way to express myself, to be myself, to be happy. And now, more than ever, to relieve pain.

So, this video is the beginning of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of my campaign. “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” has been always a video that I wanted to shoot in Argentina. It really shows me enjoying the music on my own, on my way and being happy just on listening to Madonna. This is my 52th video !!!! Can you believe it? It was recorded last month in Buenos Aires, so it is really fresh. The funny thing is because in the scenes recorded at the Recoletta Cemetery, where Evita is buried, and also in the Floralis (the metal flower sculpture), I am wearing a “Never Give Up” t-shit, that has been my motto not only for this campaign, as well as for my whole life.

Also, it is a good timing for uploading it now because of the 25 years celebration of the single “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”, with the digital single now out everywhere (listen/download: ). I remember back in 1997, listening to this remix everywhere am I was dazzled on listening to Madonna singing in Spanish again 🙂

Well, that’s it for now and I hope that you guys enjoy the video. And for next month, I still have more surprises to celebrate the 10 years of my campaign. God bless you all!


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