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Sorry from a Drag Cat

Miaura is her name! She is my cat. Actually Miaura is he. But she (he) was castrated in 2009 and since then became the first Drag Queen Cat in the world. Miaura has even given TV interviews in Brazil and … Continue reading

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I’m a Sinner in The Red Light District (Like it or Not)

Since the first time I heard I’m a Sinner I thought about to record this video in the land of sin: the Red Light District here in Amsterdam. I spent one week trying to negotiate with some prostitutes but they … Continue reading

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Madonna, you PUSH a better version of myself!

Friendships are the most valuable thing in this world. Imagine a really serious psychologist looking at you and saying: “I love you and I will help you to meet Madonna”. Imagine 2 big friends of my sister who are not … Continue reading

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Love Letter to Madonna – You are my Ray of Light

I think that everything we make with our heart is the best that we can do. Two weeks ago I went to Rio ESPECIALLY to make this video (and other ones, including  amazing postcards of the city and even one … Continue reading

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King of Cartoon supports me to meet the Queen

If you’ve never heard about Mauricio de Sousa, you are not from this world (OK, he is well known amongst 100% of the Brazilians). He is simply the greatest cartoonist alive in this world. Last Saturday my day got better … Continue reading

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OMG! William Orbit replied and retwitted me (and Ingrid him)!

Today I woke up and got speechless checking my mailbox. William Orbit, the magical, the producer of my favorite album of Madonna, Ray of Light, and also producer of MDNA, replied me and retwitted me! People, William is simply the … Continue reading

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Tomorrow I’m gonna upload my seventh video: flying on the delta flyer. Miaura, my drag queen cat, is making a sweepstake of MDNA Deluxe Version plus an exclusive MDNA Poster: To participate, you just need to follow @miaura and tell her … Continue reading

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