Here you can check all the 53 videos I’ve made to meet her so far 🙂

53- Beautiful Stranger On The Beach
(Recorded in Cumbuco Beach – Brazil)

52- Don’t Cry For Me Argentina in Buenos Aires
(Recorded in Buenos Aires)

51- Ghosttown with Fans
(Recorded with the support of 34 fans from 18 countries: Argentina, Austria, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Peru, Poland, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and United States)  

50- Ghosttown in Amsterdam
(Recorded in Amsterdam)

49- Crave in a Dark Ballet
(Recorded with the support of 26 fans from 14 countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Russia,The Netherlands, England and United States of America)

48- I Rise like a Rainbow High (What it feels like for a girl)
(Recorded in Nijmegen)

47- MedellĂ­n in Amsterdam
(Recorded in Amsterdam)

46- Isaac (God is Love)
(Recorded in Marrakesh and Amsterdam)

45- Madonna Snapchat Craziness
(Recorded in Amsterdam)

44- Living For Love (You’ll See Why I Take a Bow)
(Recorded in Madrid)

43- Borderline with Friends
(Recorded in Amsterdam, Budapest and Dubrovnik)

42- Strike a Pose Deeper and Deeper
(Recorded in Amsterdam, Fortaleza, Pisa and Prague)

41- Frozen with my Sister
(Recorded in Switzerland)

40- Devil Pray (And You Can Eat Weed)
(Recorded in Amsterdam)

39- Why Is It So Hard To Love?
(Recorded in Tel Aviv and Panama City)

38- Nothing Fails (It Coexists)
(Recorded in Jerusalem, Vatican City and Amsterdam)

37- Unapologetic Bitch in Traffic Jam
(Recorded in Gotthard – Switzerland)

36- Heartbeat from a Rebel Heart
(Recorded in Greece and Thailand)

35- Oh Father Stop With the Prejudice!
(Recorded in Fortaleza and Amsterdam)

34- Open Your Heart (Love is Kind)
(Recorded in London)

33- Sorry from a Drag Cat
(Recorded in Rome, Amsterdam and Fortaleza)

32- Papa Just Preach About Equality
(Recorded in The Vatican and Rome – Italy)

31- Holiday in the Guest House
(Recorded in Icaraizinho de Amontada – Ceara – Brazil)

30- A Beautiful Killer will Die Another Day
(Recorded in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Zurich)

29- Like a Virgin Against Breast Cancer
(Recorded in Amsterdam)

28- How to Meet Madonna (Paradise – Not For Me)
(Recorded in Amsterdam)

27- Masterpiece in Museum
(Recorded at SĂŁo Paulo Museum of Art – Brazil)

26- Love Spent in a Bad Romance
(Recorded in Icaraizinho de Amontada in Brazil, Helsinki, Zurich and Amsterdam)

25- Dress You Up with Love from 5 countries
(Recorded in Santarém, São Paulo, Helsinki, Amsterdam, London and Vienna)

24- I’m Addicted in an Impressive Instant (In Your Arms I’m Like a Bird)
(Recorded in SĂŁo Paulo, Amsterdam, London and Vienna)

23- It´s So Cool: Dear Jessie with Children
(Recorded at Central Library of Amsterdam and at the 1st Birthday Party of my nephew in Fortaleza – Brazil)

22- Sorry! Hung Up in the Pit (I Don’t Give A)
(Recorded at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam and Hyde Park in London)

21- Rescue Me in the Skyscraper
(Recorded at Quixadá Tower in Fortaleza – Brazil)

20- You Must Love Me at Library
(Recorded at Central Library of Amsterdam)

19- Miles Away from 14 countries
(Recorded with the support of 17 fans from 14 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Singapore,
Sweden, The Netherlands, England and United States of America)

18- Music at University Restaurant (Deeper and Deeper)
(Recorded at Federal University’s Restaurant in Fortaleza – Brazil)

17- Nothing Really Matters in the Japan Town
(Recorded on Liberdade – Japanese Town in SĂŁo Paulo and Japanese Garden in Fortaleza – Brazil)

16- Don’t Cry for Me in Argentina
(Recorded at TV FGF’s Studios in Fortaleza – Brazil and Buenos Aires – Argentina)

15- I’m a Sinner in the Red Light District (Like it or Not)
(Recorded at Red Light District in Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

14- Don’t Tell Me on the Beach
(Recorded on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil)

13- Push with the Belly Dancers (Friendship Pushes Me)
(Recorded at Portugal Square in Fortaleza – Brazil)

12- Love Profusion in the Tulip Fields
(Recorded in Egmond – The Netherlands)

11- Cherish with the Bodybuilders
(Recorded at Podium Club in Fortaleza – Brazil)

10- Turn Up the Radio in Amsterdam
(Recorded in Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

9- Gang Bang in Favela
(Recorded at Canta Galo/ PavĂŁo PavĂŁozinho Favelas in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil)

8- Like a Prayer at Feet of the Christ
(Recorded at Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil)

7- Ray of Light on the Delta Flyer (Love Letter to Madonna)
(Recorded in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil)

6- Express Yourself Live on TV
(Recorded live at TV Diário’s Studios in Fortaleza – Brazil)

5- Vogue with Miaura
(Recorded in Fortaleza – Brazil)

4- Girl Gone Wild on the Street
(Recorded in Fortaleza – Brazil)

3- Sky Fits Heaven In The Airplane
(Recorded in somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean)

2- Give Me All Your Luvin’ on the Bus
(Recorded in Amsterdam – The Netherlands)

1- La Isla Bonita in the Roller Coaster
(Recorded in Kaastheuvel at Efteling Amusement Park – The Netherlands)


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