Ghosttown with Fans (and my marriage proposal video)

Despite those hard days, this video is a celebration of life and love! I believe it is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve made in my life. Honestly, not only for the amazing performance of the fans, but also because it has a special meaning for me: it is my marriage proposal!!!! Watch it until the end and you will find out how I did it 🙂 Soon, I will publish the reaction of my boyfriend, because when we watched it together, he thought that it was just another video from my campaign 🙂

It’s a celebration of life, in the middle of this global corona crisis. My idea was to show how us, Madonna fans, are dealing with this whole situation. You are going to watch 34 fans from 18 countries living their life and facing the crisis on their way. But all of them are united by our passion to Madonna, who inspires us with her art, especially in those days of quarantine, when we are staying at home.

This video is also a celebration of 8 years of campaign “I Will Meet”.  Besides, it is my 51st video and the first time that I make a whole new video of the same song. It took me more than 100 hours to edit it. My shoulders are really fucked up for standing hours in front of the computer. But it was worth it. Also, It was only possible to make it during the night and weekends, because luckily, I am quite busy working from home.

Last but not least, it is a celebration of my love to my beautiful boyfriend. Today we are celebrating 3 years together.  I LOVE YOU MORE EVERY DAY!

And again, THANKS to all fans who made this video possible:

And THANKS to Madonna, my hero!

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