Madonna, I want to dance with you. I want to give you back all the happiness that you gave to me.

You can reach me at:

Instagram: @iwillmeetmadonna

TikTok: @iwillmeetmadonna



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    Nice site. I WISH You success to meet the Queen of Pop and there can only be one! I also share this dream with you as I also would LOVE to meet Madonna. The first concert I went to was the RE-INVENTION TOUR. I Was blown away by her entrance the famous headstand. It was very emotional for me & had to order eve so I could recap the show. I don’t really remember much of the show, it was so totally intoxicating , Madonnas show was like a drug I have never had before. I was shaking, crying and screaming all at the same time, what a rush. I lost my voice for a week & the people around me lost there hearing! Lol yes I was that loud . I could not believe I was seeing my idol live all thanks to my husband, Stephen. He liked Madonna ok, but he likes heavy-metal music, but after that first concert he was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY. Before he would not say much about M & said I was bios but now he interups me , what a great performer she is, amazing. So he is hooked. So if you haven’t been to her show you are in for a surprise, don’t drink to much, she is like a drug, a fine wine & you will be intoxicated . Let me know how I can help you to meet Madonna, maybe I could meet her too, my dream. Chau

  2. Fábio, where do you live? I´m brazilian fan, and I live in São Paulo, still you as know Madonna, I too, i would like to know Madonna, I love so much her. This is my big dream, and I would like to keep contact with you, Fábio Viana.

    • I live in Amsterdam and I’m Brazilian too 🙂 Send an e-mail to

      • Aurelio A says:

        Madonna not only are you the best at domination and control but like me you knew that each and every covenant Catholism created had an evil entity worse than any Evil known to mankind and now each and every forbidden evil that entered into convents natiomwide are liable fo sure and that woman with the black rubber boots and two white roses even hispanic she was the worst. and you knew that Madonna cool be that you are a true artist and how you evolved as a provocative woman and a cultural empress with a string message and how your music inspired millions of woman now the covenants bow and thank you for your wisdom kindness and understanding. Although I know money is important what is more inportant is perfecting our stability and balance and integrity and abundance and out positions here on earth always paying respect to those who inspire us the most the 4 horsemen the serpent God Mother Mary the Guardian Angels and their respective angel and saint counterparts whom inspire and lead us to abundance so we never hunger or thirst because of the way we respect our immediate families. So on Saturday at Lawerence East my neice is getting married at St. Lawrence of Martyrs with the one they call Mike Colangela my mom is having difficulties and has suffered enough 2130 Lawrence Avenue East. These unions that Paul Catalonotto Nicola Fusci and the Lauretta and Mantia family have shall never be blessed and they shall be renderdered nonexistent and their asets worthless along with all those whom participated both in the GTA and the areas surrounding the GTA Karma is a biatch but the karmic empire is stronger than ever and has regular intervals of fuel consumption from the heavenly father St. Michael’s Cathedral and Holy Cross cemetary aurgorized by Pope Benedict and who knows who else I just want to save my sister Vita Catalonotto so she shall be reminded at the extent that her family victimized and taunted me for 3.5 years and Paul Catalonotto for 19 years at the WSIB along with the Zouvgias smegma excrement at 235 STRATHMORE BLVD extermination is manditory for all participants that my family contacted and they must stand trial by the same authorities whom propeled such a task along with all teh ckergy and Government and corporate sponsors whom particpated both in Canada and every where else. Hell is too good for them and when did any artist go anywhwere but a lesiyrely trip to the heavens above while touring the planets with the finest of aliens we were always privileged and shall always remain as such. Metropolitan Police Force Employment Agencies and Unemployment agencies and social services and political parties in Canada never happened nonexistent and liable.

  3. J’adore ton blog, il est super cool!

  4. dmnq says:

    hahah you are funny

  5. Fabio.. pelo amor de dio me ajuda.. vc conhece algum fan clube em fortaleza ceara? é que irei ao show do dia 4 no brasil.. e procuro por cia pra ir.. ah adorei sua historia de luta. go ahead buddie!!!

    • Oi Junior! Não conheço, infelizmente. Mas procura ver comunidades da MDNA Tour Brazil no Facebook, que talvez tenha gente de Fortaleza (eu sou de Fortaleza tb, mas moro em Amsterdam). Abs.

  6. I WaNnA Meet MaDoNnA ToO!
    @#wilabe … Virginia USA
    Fan since 1982
    William wilabe Richer

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