How To Help Me To Meet Her

I Will Meet Madonna is the first Madonna’s Fan Website in which one Fan, the Dutch guy Fábio Viana (born in Brazil), is trying to meet the queen Madonna through a video campaign. The campaign has officially started on Mach 31st 2012, when he published his first video “La Isla Bonita in the Roller Coaster“.  In that he has also made sweepstakes of half of his Madonna’s Memorabilia, including her studio albums, singles and DVDs. You can help him sharing videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform,  and please don’t forget to tag Madonna and her team.

“I’m tired of making montages with Madonna’s pictures. I want a real one: with or without chickens!”

I want to make people feel at least half of the joy that I feel when I listen to Madonna’s music”, says the fan. in numbers:

-Three videos reposted on Madonna’s Instagram stories: Medellín in Amsterdam, Rescue Me in the Skyscraper and Ghosttown in Amsterdam.

– 51 videos uploaded

– More than 5,000 hours of video editing and nights without to sleep

– 8,550 likes on Facebook page ( with more than

– More than 200,000 views only on Facebook

– More than 110,000 views only on his Youtube Chanel (

– More than 26,500 page views on website

– 531 followers on Twitter (@meetmadonna)

– 35 CDs/DVDs given away (and sent) to fans around the world through sweepstakes on Facebook and Twitter until now

– 30 days to convince firemen and the administration of a business tower to record “Rescue Me”

Some facts:

– After recording Ray of Light on the Delta Flyer, Fábio really cried – the flight was perfect having exactly the same duration of the song and also because 2 weeks before a girl had died in an open air flight in Rio

– During Turn Up the Radio video, Fábio was singing in front of a Mexican manifestation. They tried to remove him and he replied that was also making his manifestation to meet Madonna

– In the end of  “I’m a Sinner” video Dutch police came to ask him if he had authorization to make a striptease and record in Red Light District. Fábio replied that they should ask authorization for all the tourists there, plus it was a love declaration to Madonna. In the end, they did not arrest him.

– Fábio wrote his Bachelor’s Thesis in 2003 about Madonna, analyzing her identities through a post-modern point of view under the title: ” Saint, pornographic or violent?”. In his thesis he discussed Religion, Sex and Religion analyzing “Like a Prayer”, “Erotic” and What It Feels Like For A Girl” videos.

“American Life” review written by Fábio for a Brazilian newspaper. From this album, he loves “Intervention” and “Nothing Fails”.

– He is known amongst his friends in Brazil as “Fábio Madonna” and has even written one review of the “American Life” album in one Brazilian newspaper in 2003 – being a reference when the topic is Madonna.

– Fábio is a HUGE Madonna fan since 1985, when he first heard “Dress You Up” and fell in love with Madonna. When Fabio goes to Disco and dances to Madonna’s song everybody asks if he is addicted with some drug and his answer is always: “I’m addicted to Madonna“.

– His female cat (who actually is a male cat) is the first drag queen cat and loves to dub Madonna’s song and has her visual inspired by the Queen.

Move on and please help Fábio to make his dream coming true!


12 Responses to How To Help Me To Meet Her

  1. cristina herve says:

    I thought that is a joke…but it wasn’t. He really means serious when we talk about Madonna!!It’s amazing what he is doing to meet her and he deserves it(of course i’d like to go with him!!!). Go Fabio, and you gonna win this!!! Go and meet Madonna!!!

  2. I am rooting for you! I really hope and pray that your dream of meeting Madonna comes true. Best wishes!!

    • Double best wishes for you too!

    • Steven Burnett says:

      I am dating someone that is one of fans I have known her since she was 18 few days after coming to KS its 2020 my best friend introduced me to her and back then she told me to get lost and to him too we are not her type lol well fast forward she comes back into are life again and he gets his chance and well let’s say he left us last year

  3. joey faye says:

    Good luck meeting Madonna dear! 🙂 BTW I used to live in Brazil for two years and went to the concert in ’08 at Sao Paulo! Perhaps you were there 😉 Anyways, I hope your dreams come true!

    • Nice and thank you for your nice words! In 2008 I had the ticket but due to a personal problem I could not attend the concert! However, until now I went to 5 MDNA concerts: first experience ever with her Tour >(

  4. Fabio sei una forza della natura!!! Ce la farai di certo! In bocca al lupoooo

  5. jose russell says:

    Awesome work Fabio…. keep up the great work… you are almost there.

  6. Regina Perfetti says:

    I will meet her to it is an absolute fact. Let’s do this! I’ll go with you

  7. Carlos Orlando Myrick says:

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  8. Carlos Orlando Myrick says:

    I just wanna get home

  9. Carlos Orlando Myrick says:

    Madonna is my mother I’m the oldest child money carlos I have been missing I’m trying to reunite with my family please give me a call 4787522784 if you can help I miss my mom ever day Im asking for help I’m not to proud to beg I hurt everyday seeing her but can’t get in touch someone please help me

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