You’re Frozen when your heart is not open

After 6 months of editing, finally my frozen masterpiece with my most special guest: my sister, Fabrícia Viana🙂

I’ve chosen the “Extended Club Remix” of Frozen because it reflects my first contact with the song on the radio, back to February of 1998. At the time, I got crazy with how clear and beautiful Madonna voice was. Afterwards, I’ve seen the video and have downloaded lots of pieces of it (we didn’t have Youtube at the time) with my 56K modem connection🙂

I remember that my sisters were so annoyed that I was playing the music in loop for months and months in 1998. In the end, all of them knew the lyrics.

During those more than 4 years of campaign, I’ve always wanted to make my version for Frozen. If Madonna didn’t go for the obvious choice, recording it in the middle of a desert, I found convenient to be literally frozen in the video.

We’ve recorded in the beginning of January, in the back of my sister’s house in Reconvilier Switzerland. My sister was quite demanding, saying that if she would be part of a video of mine, it would be a super production. So she wore a wig and prepared not only her outfit, as mine as well. For me the worst part was the makeup part, with my frozen sweat makeup irritating my eyes.

In the end, we loved the result, and specifically in that scene that my sister was throwing back of my snow, she was saying: “Now you will pay all the pain you are making me suffer in the middle of this cold – take it”.

Finally, my sister is one of the best singers who I know and I asked her to sing a bit of “Let it go”, from Frozen. Those scenes showed truly the way we are with each other: crazy, living the moment at its fullest, being childish, having fun and most of all loving each other, with the same pureness we had when we were children.

Madonna, I didn’t meet you yet, but in the meantime your music has been an excuse to have good moments also with my family.

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Devil Pray (And You Can Eat Weed)

Now that I’m broke after 6 Rebel Heart concerts in Europe, there is nothing more to do than to smoke weed and get stoned. Actually, I’ve made some changes in Devil Pray lyrics: since I totally hate smoking, the only solution I found to get stoned was eating space cake. I had an ultra concentrate brownie of weed last Saturday to try to understand the meaning of this song.

The result you can see above. I’ve never been high in my whole life (just check my previous videos and you will realize that I don’t need any drugs for that). Anyway, I should celebrate my 40th video in big style, out of this world. Now I will just apply to be part of the Guinness Book of the Records as the fan who has made most videos for his idol.

I really thank my friends, who don’t want to be mentioned on this post, for have teaching me how to pray (or to eat). I remember telling them that sensation of being stoned is like to have a “shell of numbness”. In the end, I just remember that I went to bed crying because my drag queen cat is in Brazil.

Now I just hope that his videos reaches Madonna and an angel can make me meet her in any place of the world.

And remember:
“And we can do drugs and we can smoke weed and we can drink whiskey
Yeah, we can get high and we can get stoned
And we can sniff glue and we can do E and we can drop acid
Forever be lost with no way home”

Thanks Madonna for teaching me how to pray.

PS: my friend who is in the video saying that Madonna supports animal cruelty was talking about Miaura and that Madonna actually supports drag queen cat cruelty. My cat has already made 4 videos with me and Madonna doesn’t care at all (by the way, the next video is with Miaura as well).

PS2: I live in Amsterdam, so I’m not doing anything illegal in this video.

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Why Is It So Hard To Love?

Why is it so hard to love? from I Will Meet Madonna on Vimeo.

I couldn’t control myself to finish editing this video before to see Madonna this Saturday, in Prague. I think it’s already becoming cliche to mention that every video is getting more difficult and elaborated to make. This one was recorded last Sunday in Panama City Panama and in Tel Aviv, last June.

Those guys who are dancing with me are my colleagues and friends! Extra Special thanks to Phil, Andrea, Phoebe and Logan. Guys you are great!!! They believe in Equality and also that I will meet Madonna🙂 The funny thing is that my friend Phil, who is dancing on pink shirt, was quite hesitating to participate. After recording he said: ” Fabio, I never thought I could say that but it was really nice to participate of your video. I had lots of fun and it requires lots of energy”. The landscape in Panama was amazing and it looks like a fake background.

Back to Tel Aviv, the guy who plays my boyfriend is an Israeli guy who I met there and agreed to help me with my campaign🙂 I went to Israel one week before the Pride and it was quite nice to see the whole city decorated with the diversity/gay flag🙂 For me it was quite surprising to see how the government in Tel Aviv was supporting it.

This was my 39o video so far. I think I will contact The Guinness Book of Records to include me there for sure. Madonna, let me record my 40o video with you.

Guys pray for me! Why is it so hard to love?

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Nothing Fails (It Coexists)

Nothing Fails (It Coexists) from I Will Meet Madonna on Vimeo.

Peace should be something reachable just with love. Unfortunately, what we’ve seen through the years is that people misunderstand the concept of peace. Misunderstandings, power, war, hate and death. The worst is to see that many wars happen for no acceptance of other people believes. Because of religion. When actually, all religions spread the message of love, compassion and peace. I don’t believe that my God is bigger or smaller than yours. I just believe that there is a God inside of me named love.

I recorded this video in 3 different cities: Jerusalem, Rome (Vatican City actually) and Amsterdam. The funny thing is that I thought that in Amsterdam people would be more open to shake my hand. I was wrong. Nowadays, independent of where we can be, this fear feeling surrounds us. Apparently people are afraid of giving a hand to someone and be cheated, robbed or killed. Everything can start just with a handshake, as a deal. A deal that hands are made to build, not to destroy.

And my hands were almost stopped by cuffs: in the 3 cities I recorded the video the police/army came to me to find out what I was doing. In the Vatican, I said I was praying. Same in Jerusalem (especially there). In the end, “He who sings,” said St. Augustine, “prays twice.”🙂 Only in Amsterdam I said I was recording a video to promote the peace. I have even invited the police guys to shake my hand and they allowed me to finish it.

I would like to thank some hands which have helped me with this video. The first one is from my work colleague Samer, who interpreted the Arabian man. He was really afraid and reluctant to be part of the video. In the end, after some weeks of negotiation, he accepted the challenge and has recorded it with me on HIS BIRTHDAY. Not even the famous rain of Amsterdam stopped us. In the end, there is no bad weather for peace. We can always bring the sun to other people lives.

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Unapologetic Bitch in Traffic Jam

Unapologetic Bitch in Traffic Jam from I Will Meet Madonna on Vimeo.

Last month, I was really bothered in the middle of a traffic jam in Switzerland. So, I asked my sister to start recording my unapologetic behavior in the middle of the cars. We stayed there for some hours, but in the end I had fun and not apologizing to anyone there.

Talking about my inspiration, I still need to wait for almost 2 months to see Madonna in Prague. I will go to both concerts there and afterwards Stockholm, Antwerpen and Amsterdam. And I’m not sorry, I wish I could follow her in the whole european leg of her tour. But my bank account doesn’t allow me that…

In the meantime, I continue with my dream, traveling around the world and being an unapologetic bitch recording my videos. This one so far is the 37th one… If I won’t meet Madonna, for sure I will be at least in the Guinness Book of Records..

Anyway, now next time you will be in a traffic jam, you know what you are going to do right?

Wish me could luck bitches!!!

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You will feel my heartbeat too

“Heartbeat” is indeed one of my favorite Madonna songs. I always wanted to make a video for it but I was quite reluctant. First of all because I’m not a good dancer and this song requires twerking, shaking, my butt getting down…Second, I was a little bit ashamed (???) in trying to dance like this.

So last summer I’ve been to Greece, got a little bit drunk and started to record this video.But 2 months ago, after a last minute trip to Thailand, I’ve decided to finalize it there and the result is what you see.

I remember when I went to record with the tigers, the guy from “Tiger Kingdom” in Phuket asked me if I would like to have the small, the medium or the biggest tiger. I asked for the most dangerous…I was drunk, maybe, and got quite scared in few moments that I was interacting with the cat. But I survived and went to record more footage with the elephant🙂 The only bad thing about it was when he sneezed all over me. I had to continue to record the video totally covered of elephant snot😛

And finally, since I was in Thailand, I should act like a kick-boxer. The inspiration came also from Madonna boxer phase, during Hard Candy years… The funny thing was that the people on the street thought that I was a professional kick-boxer promoting a fight (???).

In the end, this video represents my current mood: I close my eyes, whatever I can be, and start to dance just following my heartbeat. And I don’t care if other people is going to think that I’m crazy or not. I’m happy.

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You can’t hurt me now!

Oh Father Stop With the Prejudice! from I Will Meet Madonna on Vimeo.

Homophobia, prejudice, ignorance. More than synonymous, these words show that our society can still live in the pre-history. Homophobia is crime and prejudice is stupid! This video was inspired in young gays being spanked in Russia just because they are gays!

It took me almost 2 years to finalize this video. The first difficulty was to wait for the snow here in Amsterdam and have a similar atmosphere like that one from the original video “Oh Father”. The second one was to convince a funeral home to allow me to record it inside a coffin. After months of negotiation and with the support of the Brazilian Television “TV Diário”, I finally did. The only problem is because my MP3 player was without “Oh Father” and I started to sing remembering the pace and melody of the song. The make up woman who prepares dead people there said that it was the first time that she saw someone alive in a coffin, but that in the end, found it really cool🙂

The other challenge was to convince my work colleagues (and also friends) to spank me until kill me. When I first came with the proposal, they started to laugh and asked if I was crazy. Afterwards, I explained the real intention of the video (a part of meeting Madonna) and convinced them. Special thanks to Ronald Saavedra, his wife Leticia Lazcal, my friend Hans Gehring and Frans Hollander.

Finally, I should wait for a sunny day at the homomonument in Amsterdam. And my friend Matteo Mac, who is also finishing the documentary “Mad for Madonna”, was the one who captured my homage at this which is considered one of the most important monuments about Equality in the world.

The monument is a memorial in the centre of Amsterdam. It commemorates all gay men and lesbians who have been subjected to persecution because of their homosexuality. Opened on September 5, 1987, it takes the form of three large pink triangles made of granite, set into the ground so as to form a larger triangle, on the bank of the Keizersgracht canal, near the historic Westerkerk church.

The Homomonument was designed to “inspire and support lesbians and gays in their struggle against denial, oppression and discrimination.” It was the first monument in the world to commemorate gays and lesbians who were killed by the Nazis.

The idea of a permanent memorial to gay and lesbian victims of persecution dated from 1970, when gay activists were arrested for attempting to place a lavender wreath at the National War Memorial (Netherlands) on Dam Square in the centre of Amsterdam. The wreath was removed by police and denounced as a disgrace.

A monument in memory of LGBT victims of repression and persecution was dedicated in Barcelona, Spain in 2011. It was modeled after the Homomonument.

A human being is a life, a gift. Respect your brother, spread love. PEACE!

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