I Will Be Crazy For You!

MDNA,  the just released Madonna’s album, maybe can have an ironic association with the drug MDMA (ecstasy). Until now, I have never gotten any drugs,  but what you are going to see on this website will be something really addictive. I’m gonna make the craziest videos ever done by a fan to call attention of Madonna to meet her.

I’m so crazy about Madonna. I’m so addicted to her that I will make sweepstakes of ALL MY MADONNA MEMORABILIA (CDs, DVDs and singles). In the end,  if I reach my goal – to meet the Queen of Pop – I’m able,  although with a broken heart, to make a sweepstake of one pair of my tickets to MDNA World Tour 2012 in a yet to be decided European country. Please also support me by liking my Facebook page and my Twitter. And spreading this crazy website to everybody who you know until I reach Madonna.

The first crazy thing that I did was to sing “La Isla Bonita” in the roller coaster. Check it bellow:

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2 Responses to I Will Be Crazy For You!

  1. Alecio says:

    OMG I laughed so hard at this Fabio, too cool!

  2. Edu says:

    Tu é o cara… hehehehe

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