A Real Brazilian “Telenovela” (soap opera)

After the Brazilian journalist Eliomar de Lima supporting me, now one of the most famous Brazilian writers Walcyr Carrasco , with more than 250,000 followers on Twitter, is not only following @meetmadonna as even spreading our Twitter account and the videos 🙂

Walcyr is a well-known writer in Brazil and all his “telenovelas” or soap operas are always a huge success! Xica da Silva, Chocolate com Pimenta (Chocolate with Pepper), Alma Gêmea (Soul Mate) and O Cravo e a Rosa (The gillyflower and the rose) are some of his most famous telenovelas. Currently, Walcyr has a really big challenge: he is adapting the book Gabriela from another famous Brazilian writer, Jorge Amado, to make it in a new telenovela.

In one of his comments below, he said: “I think Fábio is gonna reach his goal. He rocks!”

Thanks Walcyr!


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