The First Winner Wins The First Album!

I got many answers such as “I Know It”, “Gang Bang”, “Hollywood”, “Ray of Light”, but the only fan who answered my first sweepstake correctly is a Brazilian guy from São Paulo, Vinícius Turi (@FUCKMEFAME on Twitter). He said that Madonna – The First Album was the only one that he didn’t have in his personal Madonna’s memorabilia. Good for you Vinicius; because now it’s the only one that I won’t have since I’m giving you my CD 🙂 Vinícius also left a little message for all our visitors:

“Hi, my name is Vinícius and I live in Brazil. I follow @meetmadonna and always check its uploads. When Fábio made his first sweepstake, I’ve decided to try, since it should not cost anything 🙂 Then, to my surprise, I won it. You, who is reading this post now, must participate in the sweepstakes as well and visit iwillmeetmadonna more often. It’s always a nice surpise every week. One more time: thank you. Mais uma vez obrigado

Thanks Vinícius for helping me to meet the Queen of Pop!

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