Ingrid Casares: WE L-U-V Y-O-U!

Miaura, my drag queen cat, is gonna have extra food today. We both are still speechless because the only one Ingrid Casares replied her on Twitter. Ingrid is a cuban-american model, entrepreneur and MADONNA’S FRIEND! She replied Miaura laughing (better laugh than hate).

Ingrid featured in Madonna’s controversial book, Sex. She appeared with actress Isabella Rossellini and Madonna in an androgynous 1920s-style photo. As much publicity as her photo attracted, Casares said that she wanted to get to the top without Madonna’s help. She does admit her relationship with Madonna may have been influential in her career because people knew she was associated with the pop singer. While she’s proud to live in Miami, she also is proud to be associated with her parents’ homeland of Cuba. She still has relatives in Cuba whom she has never met. She even talks of opening a club in Havana one day. But she wouldn’t go now – not while Fidel Castro is president.”I won’t do it until he leaves and I feel like Cuba’s free. I don’t want to support him in any way.”  See the full article which was source for this paragraph here.

Gracias chica hermosa. Yo y mi gatita somos mas felices ahora.

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