OMG! William Orbit replied and retwitted me (and Ingrid him)!

Today I woke up and got speechless checking my mailbox. William Orbit, the magical, the producer of my favorite album of Madonna, Ray of Light, and also producer of MDNA, replied me and retwitted me! People, William is simply the King of production. He is sensitive, clever and makes me get high without any extra addiction of drug.

William’s first collaboration with Madonna was on 1990 – he made an excellent remix for Justify my Love (that some spoilers are saying that will be part of MDNA Tour). Afterwards, he was the main producer of Ray of Light and tracks such as Wonderland, Beautiful Stranger and Time Stood Still. Check the trend:

Afterwards, my wild cat, Ingrid Casares, who is already supporting my campaign, retwitted William!

Finally, Madonna Nation, one of the biggest Madonna’s Twitter Community, with 123,369 followers, also retwitted me and replied me!

Jesus Christ, will you look at me? Don’t know who I’m supposed to be…

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1 Response to OMG! William Orbit replied and retwitted me (and Ingrid him)!

  1. Alison says:

    Ingrid is nothing but old Madonna’s dog. She is yesterday’s news.
    Madonna’s husband couldn’t stand having Ingrid around. He thought she was a leech.

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