Love Letter to Madonna – You are my Ray of Light

I think that everything we make with our heart is the best that we can do. Two weeks ago I went to Rio ESPECIALLY to make this video (and other ones, including  amazing postcards of the city and even one in a favela). I got joy,  collaboration,  warmth and hope from the people who supported me. One of those was Ronaldo, my delta flyer instructor. He taught me to don’t be nervous, to “work” instead of to have the pleasure of flying (although I “worked” enjoying what I was doing).

I must confess that I got scared. I’d never flown in my life. I did not train anything (I could not pay twice the flight – plus the weather was changing rapidly). But everything was perfect in that day: I was the last one to fly – afterwards the sky closed and started to rain. Plus; my flight duration was exactly the duration of Ray of Light. In the sky I felt like an angel, I felt freedom in an indescribable way. And the view!!! OMG Rio (for me) is the most wonderful city in this world – because it has natural beauty. Christ,  the Redeemer,  on the top of “Corcovado” was also blessing my flight and my love message to Madonna.

I have just one thing to tell all of you about this video: at the end I cried – cried because I felt blessed for the family that I have, for the love that I have, for the friend that I have, for the cats that I have (actually I have 2 – Heinz and Miaura – her girlfriend). Happy because I have a ray of light in my heart. Hope you can feel half of the joy that I felt:

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    Could you message me with a few hints about how you made your blog look like this , Id be thankful.

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