Turn Up the Radio in Amsterdam (until the speakers BLOW)!

This video was the most difficult ever that I made. First of all because during the last 3 months I was training like a crazy one the choreography on my bike in the streets. But I thought: now that I live in Amsterdam, I need to learn how to bike in a good way. Secondly,  because I did not sleep the last week to make it: I worked on more than 1,000 pieces of footage and drove my computer crazy. And,  I broke my camera 😦 Hope that the guarantee still covers it to have a new one.

I have recorded this video last Sunday (May 20th) and spent all the week editing it. The bad thing (but also good) is that I’ve started a new job here in Amsterdam (hope I don’t lose it because of this project as well) and I could edit it only during the night.
It was a dream and also nightmare because the only night that I slept was last night 🙂 But all the efforts, all the jobs, all the nights were valid.

I feel so happy with this video that I’m typing this crying – everything was perfect,  even the maddening crowd who got even madder with me interfering their manifestation. But I replied them: “Listen – I’m also making my manifestation to meet Madonna”.  One girl,  in a really upset mood, replied me: “You are a liar – I don’t believe in you”. Then check my video little girl, I’m making everything to meet Madonna, with a lot of jobs, with a lot of passion, with all my heart. And I LOVE THIS SONG. IT SHOULD BE MY DREAM COMING TRUE BEING PART OF THIS VIDEO!

Madonna, I’ve learned to dance (well, I’m not a dancer), to ride the bike without holding the handlebars, I got rain, sun, but I am still shining because of you. Please! I just wanna meet you and be part of your next video! Don’t forget: I’m gonna attend SIX concerts – the first ones in Amsterdam – July 07th and 8th and also in Brussels,  London…and would love to go to Brazil (my hometown) as well,  but I’m still paying off my tickets to Europe 🙂

Madonna,my birthday is tomorrow, May 29th; my biggest gift should be to meet Y-O-U!

Now Turn Up the Radio in Amsterdam:

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