Happy New Year! Happy New Video!

Happy New Year to everyone! After almost one year without posting a video, I finally managed to post this video that took me 1 year and half to be done. My idea was to assemble all bullfighter themed Madonna videos in one and it happens to be also a mix of my favorite songs 🙂

This was not my first social experiment video but it was indeed one of the most difficult ones. In that summer day in Madrid, the temperature was reaching almost 40ºC (or 104ºF) and I was without shoes most of the time (only with black socks). However, the heat was not the biggest problem: most of the people were refusing my roses because they thought that I was a bullfighting supporter. And I’m not at all!!!

This video was my way to, at the same time, spread love and criticize bullfighting. I was a “lovefighter” and in the end of the video you can also see the reason it took me so long to post a new video – last year was the year I finally discovered real love 🙂

So now I was more inspired to publish it, also to celebrate today the 9 months I’ve been together with my love 🙂

I just hope you can love this video as I do.

About bullfighting:

Each year, thousands of bulls are barbarically slaughtered in bullrings around the world. Over the centuries, bullfighters have found countless ways to rig the “fight” in their favor. Bulls have been weakened with drugs or by having sandbags dropped on their backs. Their horns have been shaved to keep them off balance, or petroleum jelly has been rubbed into their eyes to impair their vision.

Never attend a bullfight or any other attraction that neglects animal welfare. The bullfighting industry relies heavily on financial support from curious tourists – don’t be one of them.

More info:


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