Madonna reposted my Ghosttown video!

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-03 at 19.09.38

But the truth is MADONNA REPOSTED MY VIDEO ON HER INSTAGRAM STORIES AGAIN! I feel so happy – every time this happens is a recognition to the endless editing hours and also to my campaign. For me, to have the video reposted has also a special reason: it was my 50th video.

Speaking of 50th, in the past I mentioned that I would apply for the Guinness Book of the records. The thing is that I should pay to create a new category, since there is no “Fan who has made most videos with the intention to meet an idol (on this case, Madonna, of course). I will save money and do it soon.

Actually, I should have posted this earlier, since she reposted it on the 27th of March, but despite the quarantine, I’m quite busy working from home. Also, during my spare time, I was also quite busy editing the 2nd version of Ghosttown – now with 34 fans from 18 countries!!!

THANK YOU my queen!

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