Good Guys Gone Wild!

Do you wanna see the effect of MDNA? Just check my newest video (end of this post). The nice thing about this video was the cooperation from other Madonna’s fans.

Last week, I was sitting on the sidewalk of a famous avenue in Fortaleza City (my hometown in Brazil) waiting for a friend who should collect me there. Unexpectedly, I’ve seen a group of 4 guys bringing 3 giant Madonna MDNA posters with the picture of Girl Gone Wild single. As I’m always bringing my MP3 Player and my camera, I didn’t think twice: I asked them to be part of my new video: Girl Gone Wild on the street. Cars stopped, honking, people screaming – it was something really wild, but also with a lot of FUN.

I’d like to thank my 3 dancers: Bruno do Vale, Marcos Nazareno and Fábio Caldas. Special thanks also for the photographer André Salgado who captured all the emotion, vibration and craziness from this moment in a very competent way.

Check it out:

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1 Response to Good Guys Gone Wild!

  1. emmanuel says:

    kkkkkkkkk muito legal o video, esse povo daqui do ceara (sem preconceitos), nem pensei q tinham tantos q gostavam da madonna, muito legal esse e os outros videos

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