A Polish Girl Gone Wild!

At this time, the fan who won my second sweepstake was a polish girl! Malgosia Mack lives in South Carolina, United States, and got Give Me All Your Luvin’ single and Like a Virgin Remastered. However, our beautiful fan gave them back to me. What?

Well, she said that already has both items…Then I’ll start a new sweepstake of them tomorrow, posting a still of my next video with my drag queen cat Miaura. She also left a nice message for us and Madonna:

“Hello, my name is Malgosia and I have won the second sweepstakes. Thank you Fabio for having this & giving your Madonna memorabilia away to meet her.  Since I already have those items, I’m donating them back to Fabio, so he may use them in the future for a fan that might not have those items. I have been a Madonna fan since 1985, my friends used to always play Like a Virgin for me, Lol. Just like Fabio I have a dream to meet Madonna but have to come up with a different approach.  I love Madonna, I love Madonna Music (especially the words, there is so much junk out there). I love Madonna concerts & I love to meet Madonna. There is not one favorite song, there are many, almost all of them. But one that is close to my heart is The Power of GoodbyeGod bless all and Peace to all! Malgosia  8>) ”

Thanks Malgosia for your big heart. I also love The Power Of Goodbye. This song can really reach my soul and makes me wanna go higher!

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2 Responses to A Polish Girl Gone Wild!

  1. I have been checking out many of your posts and i can claim pretty nice stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your blog.

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