Support from everywhere!

I came back from Rio last Monday and got dazzled with the press/blog support that is having so far.  The Dutch-Brazilian website Brasileiros na Holanda (Brazilians in The Netherlands) not only is supporting me as gave the cover of its digital magazine to my campaign 🙂

The support comes also from The website is fully helping me through its webpage, Facebook and Twitter!

After the famous Brazilian writer Walcyr Carrasco supports me on Twitter, now it was the time of the singer Gaby Amarantos whom retwitted one of my videos! I met Gaby yesterday and she said that once I will meet Madonna, I should also show her a little bit of Brazilian music 🙂

Finally, I’m having support from famous Brazilian Blogs such as Mundo em Meus Olhos, Tony Goes, Blog para Mocinhos and even from a famous “cyberstar” Cleycianne!

Tony Goes:

Blog para Mocinhos:


Thanks for all support and be ready for more unexpected videos 🙂

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