The Winners Are…

The winners of my last 2 sweepstakes were Cristina Hervé (@crisherve), from Porto Alegre (Brazil), and Paul Sebie (@SDdiverPaul), from San Diego, United States. Cristina won my Celebration CD and Paul, MDNA Deluxe Version, plus an exclusive poster. They both answered correctly which songs I should perform on my last videoclips: Express Yourself and Ray of Light.

The 3 first prizes for winners from Brazil!

I’ve already shipped Cristina’s CD from Amsterdam (as those from the first winners) and Paul have decide to don’t accept the prize. WHAT? Well, he said that saw on Icon Boards (the official Madonna fan club) that I was unemployed – for a little while (long story – I lost my last job also because this project) – and wrote me this follow message:

Paul gave me back his prize: MDNA Deluxe and an exclusive poster!

Awe, that’s super sweet of you. I love the video! Great timing for the flight & song. 🙂 But I cannot in good conscience have someone who just lost their job, spend the money to send a CD & poster to the other side of the world. I was teaching SCUBA in Thailand for a few years, I know what it costs to send things that far by post. Especially a CD I already own… I just wouldn’t feel right. So, I propose a compromise. Why don’t you take the CD & poster out to a club with you? When Madonna is played, find a random person in the crowd & give them the CD & poster. Or let the DJ gives them away. You are very creative,  I’m sure you can find someone local. When you do meet Madonna, you get an autograph for me too and I’ll pay the post!  Again,that is super sweet,thank you.

I must confess that I got surprised and also touched with what Paul wrote me. Thanks guy. For sure I can get one autograph of Madonna if I can do it, with pleasure. Be ready for what I am going to do with your prize 🙂

Cristina has style and grace. Hope to meet her in December (in Porto Alegre, did you hear it Madonna?)

Cristina, however, accepted the prize heheheheh Look what she wrote me:

I thought that is a joke…but it wasn’t. He really means serious when we talk about Madonna!! It’s amazing what he is doing to meet her and he deserves it (of course i’d like to go with him!!!). Go Fabio, and you gonna win this!!! Go and meet Madonna!!!

Guys, I know how hard is to ask support from other fans! I really appreciate your good vibrations! Thank you a lot! A lot of peace, love and health for you two.

Chris is from Texas and was the 500th fan to like my Facebook page!

Finally, my Facebook page reached 500 likes on May 14th . On the last minute I made a quick promotion in which I have decided to give away one of my favorites DVDs (everything to meet the Queen): I should give to the 500th fan The Confessions Tour DVD. The lucky one was a guy from Texas, United States, Chris L. Brown. Initially he was quite resistant to believe that he had won, but he did and left this message:

OMG I just won the Confessions Tour DVD!!!! It’s my favorite tour!! I hope you get to meet Madonna (Dances around room singing Future Lovers)……. I FEEL LOVED!!!!!!!! 

When I will reach 1000 likes on, I”ll give to the 1000th fan the DVD – Ciao Italia! Who’s That Girl World Tour! If you did not like my page, do it now 🙂

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