In Everywhere I Go: TV, Newspapers and Universities!

I must tell all of you that even knowing that @miaura came to this world to shine, I never thought that she could already be able to give TV interviews. Miaura was (full of joy, style and grace) one of the drag queen guests of the program Ação e Reação (Action and Reaction) from Brazilian TV Diário. My drag queen cat even sang there. Isn’t it unbelievable? Well, she is not a conventional cat…Before to come back to Amsterdam, I had a real marathon of TV Interviews: 3 with TV Diário, one with TV FGF (the TV from the University Grande Fortaleza) and the most recent one to the program Amaury Jr. Show on Rede TV (actually who gave the interview on my name was Fábio Freire from the amazing Brazilian Fan Club Estilo Madonna). Check the links bellow – unfortunately is everything in portuguese and I didn’t have time to put subtitles on it.

Amaury Jr. Show:

Programa João Inácio Jr. (João Inácio Jr. Show):

Programa Destaque (Main Program):

Programa Sua Manhã (Your Morning Program).This one had already footage included on my “Express Yourself” video. You can see it without the song:

Paradise Students Program (from the University of Fortaleza):

But I am not having only support from TV., one of the biggest Internet Portals in Brazil, also made an article talking about my journey. The writer @tonygoes called me “the new web celebrity”. Tony, I just want to meet Madonna and be part of her next videoclip!

After Press, I’m also having support from the academic environment.  At the time that I was in Brazil (last month) I gave lectures to the main Universities of my town – The Federal University of Ceará (Universidade Federal do Ceará – UFC) and University of Fortaleza (Universidade de Fortaleza – Unifor). For both Universities I gave lectures about Viral Marketing and also asked the support of the students on my campaign to meet Madonna.

Lecture for students of Communications the University of Fortaleza (Brazil)

Lecture for students of Communications and Publicity at the Federal University of Ceará (Brazil)

Still from the Federal University, the Laboratory of Investigation in Body, Communication and Arts (Laboratório de Investigação em Corpo, Comunicação e Arte) published a long article talking about my project to meet the Queen (click on the picture bellow to go direct to its website)!

What do I must to say? That I’m getting tired hahahaha – BUT I don’t give up!

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