Madonna, you PUSH a better version of myself!

Friendships are the most valuable thing in this world. Imagine a really serious psychologist looking at you and saying: “I love you and I will help you to meet Madonna”. Imagine 2 big friends of my sister who are not even that close to me but accepted to help me “just” because they love my sister…and share the dream of a better world with me.

Imagine a girl who had just lost her job and calls me to say that will support me, because I give her hope. Imagine a girl who used to work for me and even 2 years later stays loyal, helping me, and on the day of this video shooting, she moved the world to get me the costumes for free. And finally imagine one woman, who comes to you and says she lost her father recently and could not smile anymore and suddenly tell you that you make her smile.

I can be destroyed, because it’s so hard to hold a project alone, editing, working, exposing myself, fighting with half of the world, receiving the most beautiful and also the most hateful comments, but I feel so happy. It’s like every time I finish a video, I had met Madonna.

Thanks to my Belly Dancers, my Push Girls: Elaine Vigianni, Joyce Malkomes, Pérola Custof, Jakie Diógenes, Grazi Nobre and my camerawoman Andreza Tappembeck. Extra-Special thanks to Ilha da Fantasia and Amelinha Génova who sponsored the video!

I just ask you to watch and share this video: because FRIENDSHIP pushes me. Love pushes Me. Madonna: Y-O-U PUSH ME!



Push with the Belly Dancers (Friendship Pushes Me) from I Will Meet Madonna on Vimeo.

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