Love Profusion in the Tulip Fields

My shoulder is still painful because of the editing of this video. I recorded it 3 weeks ago and since then, every night, I was editing a piece, other one… until arrive to the final result. Madonna, even if you are not gonna watch it (but please watch it), I got so happy with this video. It is my way to show my true love, my love profusion and to tell you that even not having you under my skin as a tattoo, you are already tattooed in my heart. Don’t worry, I don’t wanna you breaking up with Brahim – I’m engaged and who recorded this video was my love 🙂

I recorded the song 6 times, different angles, 2 different tulip fields and I was so lucky because I could still find a field full of tulips out of season – these fields were just waiting for me – to show my love.

Guy Oseary, Liz Rosemberg, Live Nation, Johann, Universal, Interscope, The Pope, Lady Gaga, Obama, Lola… someone hear my voice! Madonna, if you are going for record your next video here in Europe, I can get a flight at any time, just tell me one day in advance because I don’t want to lose my job again 🙂 And listen, I am going to SIX concerts, including Amsterdam on July 07th/8th, Brussels 13th, London 17th and Zurich August 18th.

This is my twelfth video and I’m still editing until the end of the month, I think, at least six more videos.

I am not going to scream, make crazy things (I have already done crazy videos – it’s enough) when I will meet you – I promise! Well, maybe I will be fainted most of the time…but this is something that we can manage.

Kisses and I feel so moved. This is my love profusion to you:

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