Nothing Really Matters in the Japan Town

Before to come back to The Netherlands, still in Brazil, last May, I’ve gotten one phone call from one ex boss. She is living in São Paulo and was following my journey to meet Madonna. This woman is one of the best Corporate Communications Professional from my country. She said: “Fábio, I believe in you. Come to São Paulo, stay with me. I’ll pay your ticket and I will record your videos”. I couldn’t believe in it. I left one TV station running then I went to the airport to stay just less than one day in São Paulo to record videos (recorded 3 there).

The first idea I had was to finish Nothing Really Matters in the Japan Town from São Paulo (I had already started in the Japanese Garden in my hometown, Fortaleza). That place is one of my favorites places in the city. Every Sunday I used to go to a Japanese fair there with my friends to eat nice and cheap food 🙂 I had the location, had the song, but and what about the geishas? Immediately I called one ex-professor who is living in São Paulo and a friend of mine – who is still embarrassed because she was part of the video. My professor was so amazing! Never thought that the woman who was teaching me on my MBA last year could be able to be my back dancer and make Japanese movements on the street. As I said in the end of the video: “We should build friendship bridges all around the world”.

Love is all we need!

Nothing Really Matters in the Japan Town from I Will Meet Madonna on Vimeo.

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