Don’t Cry For Me in Argentina!

I’ve chosen this song – because first of all I love this remix and secondly because I’m having a lot of support from Argentinian Fans! Mis hermanos! 🙂

To make this video was so fun that I could not control my laugh in the end. I could not expect that the presenter, Jonasluis DA SILVA de IcapuĂ­, a really serious Brazilian journalist could answer me in Spanish and with good humor. He is also Director of Communication Department of FGF TV – a TV part of University “Faculdade Grande Fortaleza” ( .

It was incredible the support I had in only one month I stayed in Brazil. My ex-bosses were paying tickets for me to travel around the country and make videos, my friends who lost their shyness and joining me on my videos 🙂 Plus, media support! Everybody was calling me for interviews, to give lectures…it was crazy! I think because people like dreamers. If to dream is to be crazy, I’m so crazy – I must prefer to say that I’m addicted to MDNA. I believe I Will Meet Madonna!

Now, Don’t Cry For Me in Argentina:

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