Miles Away from 14 countries (The World is Helping me to meet Y-O-U)

My first reaction when I finished this video was to cry. I could not believe that I assembled in one video fans from 14 different countries around the world. Plus, it’s not that easy to convince a fan to help me to meet Madonna…

You will see a 3 month hard work of convincing people to help me on my dream to meet her. The countries part of this video are: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Singapore, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdon and United States of America

I so thank Chris America, the beautiful girl, Madonna Impersonator. She is American as our Queen. I really thought that she was Madonna herself! You are amazing and full of talent!

This video was also special for me because I met in a virtual way Adél, the guy from Jordan. Besides his beautiful voice, we lived similar situations in 2008 that prevented us to go to Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour.He had cancer in one of his eyes and was in the hospital at the time of the tour.

Adél told me : “My all time dream to see her and say hi and tell her how a great woman she is and how she helps millions with her music and quotes. Listening to her music at that time made me feel alive and have hope in life and to recover so I can see her in her next tour. And that dream happened: I got recovered and I saw her – I was in golden circle front row!”

Adel will have my most precious item from my Madonna memorabilia: my Ray of Light Deluxe Version. I should ask Madonna to sign this CD for me…but now I ask: Madonna, if you don’t want to meet me, at least meet Adél.

My campaign already reached its goal – make me build friendship bridges around the world, fight against my fears, about pessimism from other people and made me be a better person.

Miles Away from 14 Countries from Fabio Viana on Vimeo.

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