Madonna, Rescue Me! I believe in the power of love.

I didn’t meet Madonna yet. Well, I met her. Last Saturday, July 07th, during Turn Up the Radio rehearsal she saw my T-shirt (I know that I’ve already said that on my previous post, but I don’t mind) and said: “I’ve just met you”. Well “M” ,I know that this is only the beginning 🙂

This video was a big challenge for me, a real big one. Firstly because it is not so easy to convince the administrator of a Business Tower to make a video to meet Madonna. Secondly, because I’m not reach and I should have some sponsor for this idea.

The story behind this video is a little bit funny. I have 4 sisters and I used to be so jealous about all of them. 10 years ago my younger sister had a boyfriend who I could not even look at his face. Her we go. Last April, I was in Fortaleza, my hometown, and I asked to my brother in law, who is fire man, if he knew some rescue team because I’d like to make a video on a skyscraper. He replied: your ex-brother in law. I said to myself: Jesus Christ! I’m swallowing all my pride.

ONE MONTH to convince this guy to Rescue Me. Actually he is not the guy who was with me on the skyscraper. he was holding the rope (baby trhow out your rope). After his “Yes” I went to more than 5 Business Towers in Fortaleza to have the authorisation to record the video. And the answer was always: “No”. But finally I remembered about a big business tower close to my mother’s place (Quixadá Tower) and went there to ask authorisation. After 3 days of negotiating, I got it 🙂

I’ve done rappelling just once in my life and there was I learning on the top of the skyscraper how to:

1- With one hand hold my camera and don’t shake (similar experience I had in “La Isla Bonita in the Roller Coaster”)

2- With another hand to control the rope to don’t fall

3- Control my feet

4- To sing following the song

5- Don’t be in panic!

But I got it! Because I believe in the power of love. I believe Madonna can rescue me.

Now enjoy my, almost, impossible mission:

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1 Response to Madonna, Rescue Me! I believe in the power of love.

  1. Michelle Taylor says:

    AMAZING!!!!LOVED IT <3.<3

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