Madonna, I’m waiting for your call baby, night and day

The idea of making a video in the pit came also to show a little bit of the powerful effect of MDNA on a fan. Madonna, I’ve met even Kylie Minogue! I’ve decided to start the video with Sorry because I love this song and the part in which I got scared with a explosion is real!  My initial plan was to record only Sorry, but than it came I Don’t Give A and I thought about Hung Up as final song, since I’m waiting for Madonna’s call night and day, from Miami or any place of the World.

Madonna, I am going to Vienna, Zurich and hopefully to Brazil as well to see you. MDNA World Tour is really like a drug and I can’t have enough.

My extra-special thanks to Guy Oseary and Lisa Antoniette who met me at London’s concert, last Tuesday July 17th. She came to me and asked to take a picture. I got shocked  because I already knew her job as Madonna lookalike on

Talking about Guy, he is really a gentleman and in our first meeting asked me if I was me 🙂

Now Guy, you know that I am myself and what should be the next best thing to happen…

TBC and Sorry! Hung Up in the Pit (I Don’t Give A):

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