Dress You Up with Love from 5 Countries!

I became a Madonna fan when I was only 5 years old. I remember the 3 famous singers of that time: Madonna, Cindy Lauper and Nina Hagen. But Madonna always called most my attention because her beauty, style, her jackets, hats and Dress You Up!

I so remember watching the video extracted from The Virgin Tour with a lot of wannabes and now I have MDNA 2012 version with old and new fans 🙂

This video was recorded in 5 countries: Brazil, The Netherlands, Finland, England and Austria.

In Brazil, one girl who is supporting me since the beginning of the campaign surprised me when she posted a photo of her on my Facebook page, only dressed with 2 Madonna’s tattoos. Immediately I thought in ask her to record Dress You Up naked, offering just her love and nothing else. Claudia Marion Soares Camargo is from Santarém in Pará, Brazil. Girl you go wild!

Special thanks to my ex-professor from my MBA, Ingrid Lins, who accepted to be my doll and dressed up with my love. Also thanks to the Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Dutch, Finish….fans who showed their talent and loved on this love letter to Madonna.

Extra thanks to Panc Vergow, the owner of the store in Amsterdam who allowed me to record my dream there and acted also as my personal stylist 🙂

And thank to my first friend Lylian Sampaio, who I can be proud of to be friend since I was 10 years old, still hearing Vogue 🙂 Ly lives in Vienna and got scared when I started the video with her 🙂

In London, my pregnant cousin, Wanessa Viana (Minha Vida) had some fun with me on Picadilly Circus, Big Ben and London Eye, being my camerawoman 🙂

Finally, I could never forget the night before MDNA concert in Helsinki, when I met really special fans camping in front of the stadium! Love you too Finland and got quite surprised (positively) with your people 🙂

Now let we dress her with all our love:

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