Love Spent in a Bad Romance

When I first told people that I was going to ask Lady Gaga’s support to my campaign I was not playing. Firstly, because I think that we can enjoy pop music in a really nice way, just having fun and entertaining ourselves – without to waste energy, any bad feeling, any bad romance 😛

I’ve even made a website asking her support, with also a Twitter account @gagahelpme2meetmdna.

Secondly, I believe that love makes the world go round and that each of us should make our part feeding positive vibrations and LIFE.

I started to record this video in Brazil, last April. Then I was assembling material from MDNA World Tour in Zurich and Helsinki and also (why not) from Lady Gaga’s Born this Way Ball Tour, in Amsterdam 🙂

Love Spent is one of my favorites songs of MDNA and I tried with good humor send a lot of messages hidden behind the song and also in a subliminal way on my video 🙂

I’d like to thank for all the cooperation, love and kindness, Madonna’s guitarist, Monte Pittman (who recorded twice with me – actually his wife recorded us in Zurich) and 3 Madonna’s dancers: Drew Dollaz (Andrew Boyce), Hob E (Habby Jacques) and Jahzrel Ringmaster Vibez.

Guys, with you and your movements, the video got great. Finally I’d like to thank my friend and Madonna fan, Diego Giuliarini – who believes in me and recently completed his 100th Madonna’s concert – this is real Love Spent.

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