It’s not my time to go!

A Beautiful Killer will Die Another Day from I Will Meet Madonna on Vimeo.

After 9 months, my campaign is going to an end – at least with videos (this is not true – updated on February 2nd). I’ve already made 30 videos to meet her. Now, it’s up to you,Madonna, to get convinced and to meet me.

Madonna, I gave my blood, my soul and my time to this campaign. More than 8,100 people on Facebook want this meeting! The sweepstakes will continue until finish my memorabilia…The sacrifice is part of this campaign as hope plays an important rule on it.

In regards to this video, I hate revolvers, guns and any type of arms. I bought this revolver toy in a toy store in Amsterdam and everyday looking at it was giving me a bad sensation. Arms are the most ridiculous invention of the man. It’s the disgrace!  If you pay attention, I started the video with the end…the end of the life, the beginning of a journey…or just a lot of MDNA.

This video was a hard work of the last 6 months and finished it today, after 13 hours flying from Amsterdam to Rio. I was walking with crutches because I really twisted my ankle during my last MDNA concert in Europe (on August 18th, in Zurich). I jumped more than I should during the rehearsal of Turn Up the Radio. For who thought that I should stop my campaign being labeled as disabled, I just got stronger to have more and more ideas for this video.

The crutches were perfect to be my real arm! This video, as the original Die Another Video, is full of messages…plus I added Beautiful Killer with some research about Alain Deloin movies. It was hard to recreate Paris in Amsterdam 🙂

I’d like to thank my Czech friend Jiří Kala who was one of my jailers; to Ewe Kubizňáková,Cidcley Miranda, Daniele Salomão and Hugo Gonçalves for the professional camera work; to my Britney Spears, my work colleague Larisa Jaskevic; to the city of Amstelveen (NL) and for all my friends and work colleagues who helped me in those 30 videos made in the last 9 months.

Madonna, haven’t we met? You could be good for me… I’m waiting for your call baby, night and day.

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1 Response to It’s not my time to go!

  1. Calin says:

    Love the video, very creative!

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