I never felt so good about myself

My campaign is about hope! I’ve learned that once we are alive we should follow our dreams and be fighters. Now, I’ve decided to make a totally different video that is already changing my life. I never made something so personal, full of emotions. Every song, every scene, every word has a sense.

Everybody is afraid of cancer. I’ve lost one of my best friends because he died of cancer. He was and he’ll always be light! His last words for me were: “Fábio, whatever you’ll be, think about me and I’ll be with you”. You taught me to be a fighter Leandro. You are example, inspiration. Thanks for being part of my heart.

Talking about cancer, I’ve chosen to make this video to talk about breast cancer in a different way. Like a Virgin should be the most appropriated song of Madonna to use for it, of course: “touching” and in the end, “shiny and new” – the hope that we should always have.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. It is also the principle cause of death from cancer among women globally.

Despite the high incidence rates, in Western countries, 89% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are still alive 5 years after their diagnosis, which is due to detection and treatment.

The World Health Organisation [WHO] has suggested that two components of early detection have been shown to improve
cancer mortality:

– Education: to help people recognize early signs of cancer and seek prompt medical attention for symptoms.

– Screening programs: to identify early cancer or pre-cancer before signs are recognizable including mammography for breast cancer.In the UK and US effective education and screening could save between 12 to 37 lives per day.

Source: www.worldwidebreastcancer.com

Thanks to my boss Damien, and to my coach Helen, for shaving my head and making my tattoo.

Extra-Special thanks to Manu Ribeiro and Diego Giuliarini for inspiring me to make this video.

You deserve to live shiny and new!

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