You will feel my heartbeat too

“Heartbeat” is indeed one of my favorite Madonna songs. I always wanted to make a video for it but I was quite reluctant. First of all because I’m not a good dancer and this song requires twerking, shaking, my butt getting down…Second, I was a little bit ashamed (???) in trying to dance like this.

So last summer I’ve been to Greece, got a little bit drunk and started to record this video.But 2 months ago, after a last minute trip to Thailand, I’ve decided to finalize it there and the result is what you see.

I remember when I went to record with the tigers, the guy from “Tiger Kingdom” in Phuket asked me if I would like to have the small, the medium or the biggest tiger. I asked for the most dangerous…I was drunk, maybe, and got quite scared in few moments that I was interacting with the cat. But I survived and went to record more footage with the elephant 🙂 The only bad thing about it was when he sneezed all over me. I had to continue to record the video totally covered of elephant snot 😛

And finally, since I was in Thailand, I should act like a kick-boxer. The inspiration came also from Madonna boxer phase, during Hard Candy years… The funny thing was that the people on the street thought that I was a professional kick-boxer promoting a fight (???).

In the end, this video represents my current mood: I close my eyes, whatever I can be, and start to dance just following my heartbeat. And I don’t care if other people is going to think that I’m crazy or not. I’m happy.

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