Unapologetic Bitch in Traffic Jam

Unapologetic Bitch in Traffic Jam from I Will Meet Madonna on Vimeo.

Last month, I was really bothered in the middle of a traffic jam in Switzerland. So, I asked my sister to start recording my unapologetic behavior in the middle of the cars. We stayed there for some hours, but in the end I had fun and not apologizing to anyone there.

Talking about my inspiration, I still need to wait for almost 2 months to see Madonna in Prague. I will go to both concerts there and afterwards Stockholm, Antwerpen and Amsterdam. And I’m not sorry, I wish I could follow her in the whole european leg of her tour. But my bank account doesn’t allow me that…

In the meantime, I continue with my dream, traveling around the world and being an unapologetic bitch recording my videos. This one so far is the 37th one… If I won’t meet Madonna, for sure I will be at least in the Guinness Book of Records..

Anyway, now next time you will be in a traffic jam, you know what you are going to do right?

Wish me could luck bitches!!!

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