Devil Pray (And You Can Eat Weed)

Now that I’m broke after 6 Rebel Heart concerts in Europe, there is nothing more to do than to smoke weed and get stoned. Actually, I’ve made some changes in Devil Pray lyrics: since I totally hate smoking, the only solution I found to get stoned was eating space cake. I had an ultra concentrate brownie of weed last Saturday to try to understand the meaning of this song.

The result you can see above. I’ve never been high in my whole life (just check my previous videos and you will realize that I don’t need any drugs for that). Anyway, I should celebrate my 40th video in big style, out of this world. Now I will just apply to be part of the Guinness Book of the Records as the fan who has made most videos for his idol.

I really thank my friends, who don’t want to be mentioned on this post, for have teaching me how to pray (or to eat). I remember telling them that sensation of being stoned is like to have a “shell of numbness”. In the end, I just remember that I went to bed crying because my drag queen cat is in Brazil.

Now I just hope that his videos reaches Madonna and an angel can make me meet her in any place of the world.

And remember:
“And we can do drugs and we can smoke weed and we can drink whiskey
Yeah, we can get high and we can get stoned
And we can sniff glue and we can do E and we can drop acid
Forever be lost with no way home”

Thanks Madonna for teaching me how to pray.

PS: my friend who is in the video saying that Madonna supports animal cruelty was talking about Miaura and that Madonna actually supports drag queen cat cruelty. My cat has already made 4 videos with me and Madonna doesn’t care at all (by the way, the next video is with Miaura as well).

PS2: I live in Amsterdam, so I’m not doing anything illegal in this video.

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