You’re Frozen when your heart is not open

After 6 months of editing, finally my frozen masterpiece with my most special guest: my sister, Fabrícia Viana 🙂

I’ve chosen the “Extended Club Remix” of Frozen because it reflects my first contact with the song on the radio, back to February of 1998. At the time, I got crazy with how clear and beautiful Madonna voice was. Afterwards, I’ve seen the video and have downloaded lots of pieces of it (we didn’t have Youtube at the time) with my 56K modem connection 🙂

I remember that my sisters were so annoyed that I was playing the music in loop for months and months in 1998. In the end, all of them knew the lyrics.

During those more than 4 years of campaign, I’ve always wanted to make my version for Frozen. If Madonna didn’t go for the obvious choice, recording it in the middle of a desert, I found convenient to be literally frozen in the video.

We’ve recorded in the beginning of January, in the back of my sister’s house in Reconvilier Switzerland. My sister was quite demanding, saying that if she would be part of a video of mine, it would be a super production. So she wore a wig and prepared not only her outfit, as mine as well. For me the worst part was the makeup part, with my frozen sweat makeup irritating my eyes.

In the end, we loved the result, and specifically in that scene that my sister was throwing back of my snow, she was saying: “Now you will pay all the pain you are making me suffer in the middle of this cold – take it”.

Finally, my sister is one of the best singers who I know and I asked her to sing a bit of “Let it go”, from Frozen. Those scenes showed truly the way we are with each other: crazy, living the moment at its fullest, being childish, having fun and most of all loving each other, with the same pureness we had when we were children.

Madonna, I didn’t meet you yet, but in the meantime your music has been an excuse to have good moments also with my family.

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