Strike a Pose Deeper and Deeper


Dreams come true! I never thought in my life that I could vogue with the original Blond Ambition and Vogue dancers. This video is really deep, indeed 🙂 And it gets deeper and deeper when it has also special cameos of my superstar drag queen cat, my mother (“Mama told me…”) and my good friends Lylian and Diego. And also the big fan and Madonna impersonator, my dutch friend Diana!

I managed to meet the dancers when they came to Amsterdam for the premiere of “Strike a Pose”. On the day before, I was lucky enough to be part of a dance workshop with Salim Gauwloos and Jose Gutierez. Thanks to my friend Diego Giuliarini who made me a surprise and gave it to me as birthday gift 🙂

The funny thing is that everybody who participated of the workshop were professional dancers…and me…just watch the video and have your conclusions.

Coming back to the amazing “Strike a Pose” documentary, after its premiere we were invited to an after party where we had the opportunity to interact more with the guys and VOGUE!

It was also really nice to assemble footage recorded in Brazil (with my cat), Amsterdam, Prague and Pisa.

Madonna, you MUST see this video…and meet me afterwards…

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