Where is Madame X going next?

The Madame X era has finally begun! I must confess that I was a bit scared of Madonna following somehow the trend and going for reggaeton, especially after it was announced that “Medellín” would be the first single.

So I opened my heart and forgot about everything that Maluma has made so far (I like Sim ou Não with Anitta and Chantaje with Shakira, though) and waited the whole 17th until 6pm to hear “Medellín”.

I love the song! It has some Ray of Light vibes and I love Madonna’s voice. AND it is a MADONNA song. Sorry Maluma, but you are a feat.

Some minutes its release, Madonna.com launched a contest to see Medellín’s premiere in London. I must confess that I sort of freaked out, because I should be quick and come with something creative. Guys, I never made a video that quick. Madonna is time to meet you after 7 years and 47 videos. Time to cha cha cha together with me!

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