NEW VIDEO: Medellín in Amsterdam

The idea of making this video came after me sending my submission to the MTV contest to see Madonna in London today. Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected and I must confess I felt frustrated. I don’t think I am better than any other Madonna fan, but in the last 7 years my campaign has been an original way to show my love to her and to express myself and using my creativity to bring smile at least to me and my boyfriend.

I can tell you that this is the most beautiful video I ever made. Everything there is real, is LOVE. So, I was really sad and my boyfriend came to me asking me to iron 2 white shirts so we could record a beautiful video in a professional way. The whole video was recorded this weekend. We started when we woke up, dancing unpretentiously. So I decided to wear my “uniform”,  my I WILL MEET MADONNA t-shirt and started to rehearse with my boyfriend at the terrace in front of my room (that actually looks like a tropical jungle, a bit Medellín :). Those footage shouldn’t be in the video. Initially, I thought in just using the footage from Museumplein, here in Amsterdam, where I live for the last 8 years.

After recording 4 times, and sometimes even feeling embarrassed because he couldn’t be able to dance as good as he would like, my boyfriend got a bit upset. I told him, that me, myself, I am a terrible dancer. And everybody reacts with surprise for this statement, because I was born in Brazil. I know I can’t dance. But I love to dance! And I love to dance with Daniel, just ignoring the rest of the world and going deep in our love.

This video is also a manifest against this outrageous law in Brunei for stoning gays to death. I feel blessed and lucky to be Dutch (I’m not Brazilian anymore – that country is a hell for gay people, especially with this homophobic president), so I can be myself here. I can hold the hands of my boyfriend without shocking people. And at any time, I can dance on a bridge with him. Here “I took a trip, it set me free”.  And finally “forgave myself for being me”.

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