EXACTLY 8 YEARS AGO, I STARTED THIS CAMPAIGN WITH THIS VIDEO! At the beginning, I was just making videos, without any editing, on the most unusual and unexpected situations around the world to call the attention of Madonna. But video is something that I really love and my friends kept pushing me to use my editing skills and make more elaborated videos…

8 years later here I am with the RECORD OF 50 VIDEOS published since March 31st from 2012! I’m also applying for the Guinness Book of the Records for holding the record as the fan who has made most videos with the intention to meet an idol. And of course that Madonna deserves any single night that I haven’t slept editing videos, any single hour of the more than 5,000 hours of editing.

She deserves this and all the rest because she is my HERO and represents HOPE for me, especially during these times. And to celebrate, for the first time, I am making a video of a song that I have already made a video – and this one is Ghosttown with almost 40 FANS from almost 20 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!

Stay tuned and STAY SAFE AT HOME!

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