Like a Prayer at the feet of the Christ!

I must tell you that my eighth video on my journey to meet the Queen is a miraculous one. Three weeks ago I went to Rio de Janeiro (with support of my friends) only to record videos to my campaign to meet Madonna. I flew on the delta flyer,  I made a video in a Favela (Gang Bang),  another one on Ipanema Beach and this one at the feet of Christ – The Redeemer.Recently the statue was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Then I met Mrs. Eva Sagnudo, my angel. She is a 78 years old woman from Porto Alegre (Madonna is going to do a concert there in December), in Brazil. Firstly, I’ve asked her granddaughter to be guest on my video. She refused it and Eva came saying: “I’m 78 years old but my soul is younger than hers”. She added: “I believe in you! You will meet Madonna and you’ll also bring me to her concert in Porto Alegre”. She had also given her cell phone to me “just in case of any help”,  like a real sweet grandma. I kept her phone but thought “how could I ask her help if I live in Amsterdam and she in Porto Alegre? She had already made a lot”. Thanks God and the Christ this woman gave me her phone.

When I arrived at home,  I don’t know how I formatted my card and lost all my videos on the Christ. I got desperate because after Eva joining me ALL the people who were on the Christ came behind me and started to clap their hands as they were being my choir. It was so beautiful!

I’m catholic and I believe in the Father, Son, the Holy Ghost and Holy Mary. At this moment, I thought that God was punishing me for having made a video in front of the statue. But I also thought: ” I was just having fun and celebrating the life”. Then I called Eva and asked her if her granddaughter hadn’t record a video as well and for my LUCK,  she did. It did not get the Christ and the interaction of people afterwards,  but it was perfect. Her daughter sent it to me via Skype and finally I made the editing. Thanks GOD and Thanks Christ! Thanks also to my Director (and back vocal) Daniel Cassus (@dcassus) – be ready for our version of Gang Bang!

Eva is 25 years older than Madonna and has a lot of life and energy. Ageism comes from old souls! Now,  take this prayer:

Like a Prayer at feet of Christ from I Will Meet Madonna on Vimeo.

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