They are winning my memorabilia…

Juliana won Sticky and Sweet CD/DVD

Madonna, dear, at this time I bring 4 winners of my most recent sweepstakes to you. The first one is Juliana Farias. The Brazilian Girl from Rio de Janeiro won Sticky and Sweet Tour CD/DVD. She left one message of support:

“I fully support this campaign because all the true Madonna fans have as a dream to meet her, hug her and look into her eyes and say I love you Madonna. Since this is impossible for all her fans, Fábio could be sort of representative for all of us fans of the Queen of Pop. We’d have a little bit of jealousy, haha but it would be normal because we love her, but we would be very proud and glad if Fábio reaches his mission!”

OMG! Beto Maya got my Girl Gone Wild Single!

The next fan who won another CD of mine, my just acquired Girl Gone Wild Single (ahhhhhhhh), was Beto Maya, from the city of Goiânia, also in Brazil! Beto sent me really nice words 🙂

“Fábio Viana: how to describe this guy? He is not just a Madonna fan, but a true representative of all Brazilian fans of the Queen of Pop. His campaign is a demonstration of  love, affection and recognition that all of us want to demonstrate. His humor and courage have been conquering all of us. His creative and improvised/unexpected videos surpass our expectations and they are always full of warmth and passion. We are being gifted with a big surprise. He is not a fanatic: He is a passionate and because of that he deserves our support. Looking forward to the next videos and the next surprises… I send you a big hug!”

Nothing Really Matters…Elisabete Hayashi won my Give Me All Your Luvin’ Single

Elisabete Hayashi (yes, Brazilian-Japanese girl) also from São Paulo won my ahhhhhh recent acquired Give Me All Your Luvin’ Single… She also left her message 🙂

“I hope that Diva Madonna meets your requests, Fabio, and can meet you. What this guy has been doing is not for anyone: it is a tremendous test of devotion! Congratulations on your courage and hopefully your dream come true! My best wishes” 

Cassia is gonna direct a documentary about Madonna, Fans and Love! She won my MDNA Deluxe CD ahhhhhh

And finally we can talk a little bit about Cassia Soares. She is so crazy for Madonna (as I was a normal one…) that is going to make a documentary about the love of the fans and all the craziness (sane craziness of course) that her fans do for her 🙂 She won ahhhhhhhhh my MDNA Deluxe CD plus an exclusive poster. Actually Paul Sebie had won this prize, but gave me it back to give to a fan who I thought that could deserve it – so I did with Cassia 🙂 Our future director has also left one message of support:

“Madonna. True love. Who doesn’t have it? Who doesn’t feel it? When I first saw Fábio’s campaing and realised that he is also from Northeast from Brazil, like me, I got very happy. Happy because a part race, sex and genre we could be also discriminated by the place where we came from (I came from Rio Grande do Norte): this is a judgement made of stupidity and ignorance. I came to Rio in 2008 to make my dream comes tures: attend her concert – so I did. Here I stayed and hope again to attend MDNA World Tour. Fabio will also makes his dream comes true: to meet her. Love is for free and you can’t measure it. Madonna Love Forever”. 

I have no word to express how glad I get with support coming from other fans. Thank you a lot guys and hope you enjoy your prizes 🙂 Madonna, I just want to meet you and be part of one of your next videoclips 🙂

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