Cherish with the Bodybuilders

When I first thought about my version to Cherish, it crossed on my mind the idea of to use one of the beautiful beaches of my country, Brazil. However, I’m saving a beach for another song 🙂 Then I remembered of mermaids, strenght, inocence, cherish…and came the idea of to do it on the gym. I tried to simulate the moviment of the mermaids doing exercises for my back part of my leg 🙂

It was everything unexpected: I arrived on the gym where I used to train in my hometown, Fortaleza, and asked to some bodybuiders to be part of my video. Hours of negotiation until convince them that this video should be to help me to meet Madonna 🙂

I so thank the owner of the Gym Podium Club, Páscoa, and his sweet wife, Aldenora, who gave me authorization to record on their gym. A big and extra special thank to my team of “mermaids”: the bodybuilders Carlos Elpidio (Mutante), Sonia Auzier, Heraclito Passos Filho and the cameraman Junior Castro.

Now, Cherish with the Bodybuilders:

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