I’m a Sinner in The Red Light District (Like it or Not)

Since the first time I heard I’m a Sinner I thought about to record this video in the land of sin: the Red Light District here in Amsterdam. I spent one week trying to negotiate with some prostitutes but they were all afraid saying that many people, including their family, did not know that they do this job. Then, I decided to be THE prostitute. Got my chair in the best “Like it or not” way and crated courage from the deeper ends of my stomach.

When I saw a lot of tourists, especially girls were interacting with me – it was unbelievable. And of course the street, or better yet- the bridge – got blocked June 23td with my streap-tease until the police arrived. But they did not arrested me – to be a sinner, it’s not a crime 🙂 They just said that I was blocking the way of people – me and my overdose of MDNA.

I still can’t believe that I made this video. I edited it really fast – since I recorded this video last Saturday 23rd – It’s my countdown to meet Madonna here in Amsterdam. I ask your help just to spread this video and show my love, my addiction, my MDNA fever.

Because we’re all sinners! And I like that way!

Red Light from I Will Meet Madonna on Vimeo.

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