This is my sacrifice…

I don’t mind in giving away my CDs, DVDs and Singles. It’s also a ritual – sort of transition of leaving this material word 🙂 My Madonna memorabilia was the last thing I was catching as gold, but if I meet her, I will have made the happiness of other fans too 🙂

Today I was packing the CDs/DVDs/Singles from my most recent sweepstakes on Facebook and Twitter. I must confess that it is being hard to give away.Never mind…You can check the winners on this post and on this one as well.

Finally I bring another winner. His name is JoĂŁo Pedro A. Colletti and he is from Santa Bárbara D’Oeste, Brazil. He won my I’m Breathless CD. JoĂŁo had left his message as well:

He got my I’m Breathless CD

To meet a new person is never easy. It requires courage, interest and dedication. However, to meet a world-famous artist with more than 30 years of career requires more than that. It is a great challenge, a challenge that Fabio has accepted and is pleased to share with us. So I thank him and “I Will Meet Madonna” by his sense of humor, willpower and consideration to other fans. And also to keep the hope and enthusiasm even under difficulties to follow this journey, encouraging others to follow their own, in every sphere of life. Congratulations on his achievements and prepare for the next best thing. I truly wish that you will meet Madonna, and you know it! You will meet Madonna”

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