Nothing Fails (It Coexists)

Nothing Fails (It Coexists) from I Will Meet Madonna on Vimeo.

Peace should be something reachable just with love. Unfortunately, what we’ve seen through the years is that people misunderstand the concept of peace. Misunderstandings, power, war, hate and death. The worst is to see that many wars happen for no acceptance of other people believes. Because of religion. When actually, all religions spread the message of love, compassion and peace. I don’t believe that my God is bigger or smaller than yours. I just believe that there is a God inside of me named love.

I recorded this video in 3 different cities: Jerusalem, Rome (Vatican City actually) and Amsterdam. The funny thing is that I thought that in Amsterdam people would be more open to shake my hand. I was wrong. Nowadays, independent of where we can be, this fear feeling surrounds us. Apparently people are afraid of giving a hand to someone and be cheated, robbed or killed. Everything can start just with a handshake, as a deal. A deal that hands are made to build, not to destroy.

And my hands were almost stopped by cuffs: in the 3 cities I recorded the video the police/army came to me to find out what I was doing. In the Vatican, I said I was praying. Same in Jerusalem (especially there). In the end, “He who sings,” said St. Augustine, “prays twice.” 🙂 Only in Amsterdam I said I was recording a video to promote the peace. I have even invited the police guys to shake my hand and they allowed me to finish it.

I would like to thank some hands which have helped me with this video. The first one is from my work colleague Samer, who interpreted the Arabian man. He was really afraid and reluctant to be part of the video. In the end, after some weeks of negotiation, he accepted the challenge and has recorded it with me on HIS BIRTHDAY. Not even the famous rain of Amsterdam stopped us. In the end, there is no bad weather for peace. We can always bring the sun to other people lives.

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