Madonna reposted a video of mine again!!!

Time goes by for those who wait 🙂

Yesterday Madonna reposted on her Instagram stories a video of mine for the second time! When I saw on Thursday that she was rehearsing Rescue Me for the Madame X tour, I couldn’t believe that we are going to finally watch the performance of this song live! So I decided to celebrate it posting a piece of my Rescue Me video on Instagram, and for my surprise, I got a message that the queen herself had shared it.

I’ve gotten TONS of messages on Facebook and Instagram, and all of them really positive. People showed happiness and empathy with my dream 😉 And the nice thing about Madonna posting this video was also a sort of recognition on how difficult was to make it real.

The nice thing of my campaign is that I dream a lot and I manage to make those dreams into reality. All of my videos come exactly how I imagined. And sometimes my ideas are a bit difficult to make it real, like in this video.

When I thought about Rescue Me, I literally thought about someone rescuing me from a skyscraper 🙂 So, I was in Brazil and talked to my ex brother in law who is a firemen colonel. I asked him if there was some way that a fire brigade could rescue me from a skyscraper. At first, he laughed without to believe in what I was asking, but afterwards he saw how committed I am and decided to help me. He told me that the ex boyfriend of my young sister was running a security/rescue company and that he could put me in contact with him. This was sort of funny because I used to be really jealous about my sisters boyfriends and there was I, swallowing my pride and asking help to one of them. He accepted to help me :)

The next challenge would be to find a skyscraper who could accept this adventure. Five buildings denied my request, mostly arguing that it could be either dangerous or motivating people to commit suicide (hello????). But I didn’t give up and went to a famous business tower of my hometown, Fortaleza city in Brazil. Note: I told them that I was a Marketing consultant and was making an experiment about security equipments to rescue people from skyscrapers. If I would tell that it would be a video from my campaign to meet Madonna, I am sure that they wouldn’t tale me seriously. After 2 formal requests, with the help of my ex brothers in law, I got an YES! But with the condition that it would be on a Sunday morning when people wouldn’t be there working.

Guys I was literally scared, sweating and shaking as you can see on my video. I had to be really focused because:

– First, I should learn how to descend the skyscraper with the security equipment (you can see that I failed sometimes during the video, even hanging upside and down).
– I should control the rope while I was descending and be able to sing at the same time
– I should keep myself calm, remember Rescue Me lyrics and be sure that my headphones wouldn’t fall
– And finally: don’t look down!

The good thing is that I am not scared of heights, but it was breathtaking.

In the end, I managed to record my video and the QUEEN herself posted yesterday. But she has been rescuing me since 1985.


PS: I am still editing my version for Crave, at this time with more than 20 Madame X fans on the video as well. I hope to publish it soon!


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