Ghosttown in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 2020. This is our wake up call. We must be at home, and the countries, the city, for our safety, unfortunately should stay like a ghost town. I never thought that my 50th video on my campaign to meet Madonna would be made under this global crisis. This also makes me produce, for the first time, a second version video. I call you up, fans from all countries, to be part of my #fanversion of Ghosttown. Please reach me out on DM.

In addition to my new video, since the beginning of the year, I am a Lecturer in Digital Marketing at The Hague University of Applied Sciences Right now, all of us are facing the challenges with the corona crisis. However, us teachers are doing our best to provide the best online education during these days of quarantine. We are improvising recording studios at the kitchen, living room and bedrooms at home and taking care of our beloved ones. See the video below I made for my students. Please, also do your part. Please, stay at home. Stay safe!

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