It hurts so much to be in love with a Masterpiece

Masterpiece has a special meaning for me that I won’t share hehehe But I think that this song has a special meaning for all of us, Madonna’s fans!

I must admit that I was shaking and feared that I could be arrested when I was recording this video in one of the most important museums from Brazil: Masp – São Paulo Museum of Art ( Every time people were controlling me, saying “NO”. In a certain point, I came to a guard and said: “Listen, I am making a video to meet Madonna, don’t forbid me please!”. He did…but I didn’t give up.

The nice surprise was that in the day that I went to museum, it was happening an exposition about Madonna! Well, but it was the mother of Christ! But I felt so lucky and it was a really beautiful exposition 🙂 Even Holy Mary is blessing my campaign 🙂

Cause after all, nothing’s indestructible…

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Love Spent in a Bad Romance

When I first told people that I was going to ask Lady Gaga’s support to my campaign I was not playing. Firstly, because I think that we can enjoy pop music in a really nice way, just having fun and entertaining ourselves – without to waste energy, any bad feeling, any bad romance 😛

I’ve even made a website asking her support, with also a Twitter account @gagahelpme2meetmdna.

Secondly, I believe that love makes the world go round and that each of us should make our part feeding positive vibrations and LIFE.

I started to record this video in Brazil, last April. Then I was assembling material from MDNA World Tour in Zurich and Helsinki and also (why not) from Lady Gaga’s Born this Way Ball Tour, in Amsterdam 🙂

Love Spent is one of my favorites songs of MDNA and I tried with good humor send a lot of messages hidden behind the song and also in a subliminal way on my video 🙂

I’d like to thank for all the cooperation, love and kindness, Madonna’s guitarist, Monte Pittman (who recorded twice with me – actually his wife recorded us in Zurich) and 3 Madonna’s dancers: Drew Dollaz (Andrew Boyce), Hob E (Habby Jacques) and Jahzrel Ringmaster Vibez.

Guys, with you and your movements, the video got great. Finally I’d like to thank my friend and Madonna fan, Diego Giuliarini – who believes in me and recently completed his 100th Madonna’s concert – this is real Love Spent.

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Dress You Up with Love from 5 Countries!

I became a Madonna fan when I was only 5 years old. I remember the 3 famous singers of that time: Madonna, Cindy Lauper and Nina Hagen. But Madonna always called most my attention because her beauty, style, her jackets, hats and Dress You Up!

I so remember watching the video extracted from The Virgin Tour with a lot of wannabes and now I have MDNA 2012 version with old and new fans 🙂

This video was recorded in 5 countries: Brazil, The Netherlands, Finland, England and Austria.

In Brazil, one girl who is supporting me since the beginning of the campaign surprised me when she posted a photo of her on my Facebook page, only dressed with 2 Madonna’s tattoos. Immediately I thought in ask her to record Dress You Up naked, offering just her love and nothing else. Claudia Marion Soares Camargo is from Santarém in Pará, Brazil. Girl you go wild!

Special thanks to my ex-professor from my MBA, Ingrid Lins, who accepted to be my doll and dressed up with my love. Also thanks to the Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Dutch, Finish….fans who showed their talent and loved on this love letter to Madonna.

Extra thanks to Panc Vergow, the owner of the store in Amsterdam who allowed me to record my dream there and acted also as my personal stylist 🙂

And thank to my first friend Lylian Sampaio, who I can be proud of to be friend since I was 10 years old, still hearing Vogue 🙂 Ly lives in Vienna and got scared when I started the video with her 🙂

In London, my pregnant cousin, Wanessa Viana (Minha Vida) had some fun with me on Picadilly Circus, Big Ben and London Eye, being my camerawoman 🙂

Finally, I could never forget the night before MDNA concert in Helsinki, when I met really special fans camping in front of the stadium! Love you too Finland and got quite surprised (positively) with your people 🙂

Now let we dress her with all our love:

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It’s So Cool: Dear Jessie with Children

Childhood is the best phase of our live. Pureness, inocence and being happy for anything. Madonna makes me feel like that as well 🙂

I made this video in Amsterdam and my hometown, Fortaleza. In the dutch capital, I recorded it at Amsterdam City Library – Children Section. The intention was to show Dear Jessie as a fairytale in the middle of all that enchantement and phantasy world.

In other half of the world, I got the opportunity to record part of the video in the birthday party of my nephew. The clown was really amazing and in the end I was really having fun with the children.

I like children, but I don’t want to be father. To take care of 2 cats is already a lot. Specially a drag queen cat. Now see my rendition to our childhood dreams.

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Madonna, I’m waiting for your call baby, night and day

The idea of making a video in the pit came also to show a little bit of the powerful effect of MDNA on a fan. Madonna, I’ve met even Kylie Minogue! I’ve decided to start the video with Sorry because I love this song and the part in which I got scared with a explosion is real!  My initial plan was to record only Sorry, but than it came I Don’t Give A and I thought about Hung Up as final song, since I’m waiting for Madonna’s call night and day, from Miami or any place of the World.

Madonna, I am going to Vienna, Zurich and hopefully to Brazil as well to see you. MDNA World Tour is really like a drug and I can’t have enough.

My extra-special thanks to Guy Oseary and Lisa Antoniette who met me at London’s concert, last Tuesday July 17th. She came to me and asked to take a picture. I got shocked  because I already knew her job as Madonna lookalike on

Talking about Guy, he is really a gentleman and in our first meeting asked me if I was me 🙂

Now Guy, you know that I am myself and what should be the next best thing to happen…

TBC and Sorry! Hung Up in the Pit (I Don’t Give A):

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Madonna, Rescue Me! I believe in the power of love.

I didn’t meet Madonna yet. Well, I met her. Last Saturday, July 07th, during Turn Up the Radio rehearsal she saw my T-shirt (I know that I’ve already said that on my previous post, but I don’t mind) and said: “I’ve just met you”. Well “M” ,I know that this is only the beginning 🙂

This video was a big challenge for me, a real big one. Firstly because it is not so easy to convince the administrator of a Business Tower to make a video to meet Madonna. Secondly, because I’m not reach and I should have some sponsor for this idea.

The story behind this video is a little bit funny. I have 4 sisters and I used to be so jealous about all of them. 10 years ago my younger sister had a boyfriend who I could not even look at his face. Her we go. Last April, I was in Fortaleza, my hometown, and I asked to my brother in law, who is fire man, if he knew some rescue team because I’d like to make a video on a skyscraper. He replied: your ex-brother in law. I said to myself: Jesus Christ! I’m swallowing all my pride.

ONE MONTH to convince this guy to Rescue Me. Actually he is not the guy who was with me on the skyscraper. he was holding the rope (baby trhow out your rope). After his “Yes” I went to more than 5 Business Towers in Fortaleza to have the authorisation to record the video. And the answer was always: “No”. But finally I remembered about a big business tower close to my mother’s place (Quixadá Tower) and went there to ask authorisation. After 3 days of negotiating, I got it 🙂

I’ve done rappelling just once in my life and there was I learning on the top of the skyscraper how to:

1- With one hand hold my camera and don’t shake (similar experience I had in “La Isla Bonita in the Roller Coaster”)

2- With another hand to control the rope to don’t fall

3- Control my feet

4- To sing following the song

5- Don’t be in panic!

But I got it! Because I believe in the power of love. I believe Madonna can rescue me.

Now enjoy my, almost, impossible mission:

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Madonna, you must love me

Fábio Viana, by Guy Oseary

Madonna, even Guy oseary is supporting my campaign now. look at this picture that he took at MY FIRST concert in Amsterdam, last Saturday, July 07th. People, I’m getting closer, watch my videos…I still have some to upload. Madonna, you told me: “I’ve just met you” when you saw my t-shirt. Now that you met me, your must love me 🙂

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Miles Away from 14 countries (The World is Helping me to meet Y-O-U)

My first reaction when I finished this video was to cry. I could not believe that I assembled in one video fans from 14 different countries around the world. Plus, it’s not that easy to convince a fan to help me to meet Madonna…

You will see a 3 month hard work of convincing people to help me on my dream to meet her. The countries part of this video are: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Singapore, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdon and United States of America

I so thank Chris America, the beautiful girl, Madonna Impersonator. She is American as our Queen. I really thought that she was Madonna herself! You are amazing and full of talent!

This video was also special for me because I met in a virtual way Adél, the guy from Jordan. Besides his beautiful voice, we lived similar situations in 2008 that prevented us to go to Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour.He had cancer in one of his eyes and was in the hospital at the time of the tour.

Adél told me : “My all time dream to see her and say hi and tell her how a great woman she is and how she helps millions with her music and quotes. Listening to her music at that time made me feel alive and have hope in life and to recover so I can see her in her next tour. And that dream happened: I got recovered and I saw her – I was in golden circle front row!”

Adel will have my most precious item from my Madonna memorabilia: my Ray of Light Deluxe Version. I should ask Madonna to sign this CD for me…but now I ask: Madonna, if you don’t want to meet me, at least meet Adél.

My campaign already reached its goal – make me build friendship bridges around the world, fight against my fears, about pessimism from other people and made me be a better person.

Miles Away from 14 Countries from Fabio Viana on Vimeo.

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Music at Unviersity Restaurant (Deeper and Deeper)

I’ve recorded this video (believe it or not) after giving lectures at the 2 main universities of my town, Fortaleza city, last April. I’ve studied in both universities and I believe that University is the land of dreamers as well. For that reason I asked support of my ex-professors and also students. All of them are at the beginning of their University life – what it’s so good – because they arrive there so pure, full of ideas and dreams! Another reason to be there: to encourage them to follow their dreams, as I doing with mines.

I’d like to write some more but I still have a lot of videos to edit until Saturday, July 7th, when I will see for the first time HER concert in Amsterdam. Jesus Christ, I can’t even eat! By the way, coming back to the video, even if the lectures were about non-conventional Marketing, in the end, I convinced the students to be part of it 🙂 I’d like to give special thanks to Federal University of Ceará (Universidade Federal do Ceará – UFC) and University of Fortaleza (Universidade de Fortaleza – Unifor) and all the brilliant students who supported me!

Now, eat and hear some Music!

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